Bear, Bear, Bear

This year is absolutely flying by! Hard to believe it’s already have way over. We are in one of my favorite seasons, bear season! May-July is typically the best time of year to see black bear here in eastern North Carolina. The vegetation isn’t too thick, the crops aren’t too high and black bear mating season is in full swing! I’ve lead several workshops and private tours over the last several weeks and it has been amazing to watch these big beautiful creatures. I’ve not created very many images but the few I have created I’m very happy with. We’ve seen bear of all shapes and sizes, deer, wolves, ducks, snakes, turtles and a large assortment of songbirds out in the refuges. I’ve had a couple weeks off and will be spending another 7-10 days in the field in the last two weeks of the month. I’ve enjoyed my time home but I’m super excited to get back out in nature, teaching/leading workshops with some amazing people! Below you find a few images that I’ve created with some workshop attendees work coming soon!


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Until next time, Cheers….. Neil.