Pungo: Autumn Bear

The past 6 months have flown by and have been amazing! Sorry for MIA on here since October, that changes today! This post is for the bear! October-January was a great time to be on the refuge, we had many bear encounters & most of them were extremely large boars! During the fall of the year, hyperphagia is in full effect. Food is the only thing on their mind as winter is fast approaching. This past year there was one corn field still standing and it was a hot spot! It seemed to have every bear in Washington county in it. One of the last mornings I was out there I counted up to 30 bear feeding in this one field. Absolutely amazing experience this past fall to witness and photograph all these big guys. The images below are just a few from the end of 2018! Thanks for stopping by my website and I hope you enjoy these images. I will be posting a video from one of these trips very soon on my Youtube channel very soon.

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