Fall Black Bear

Black bear in eastern North Carolina are currently preparing for winter. Feeding is pretty much non stop and the only thing on their mind. On this particular day I setup between a feeding area and a bedding area. The wind was blowing around 15 mph from the north west. So I positioned myself in between two heavily used trails that had the wind blowing to my face. Hoping if and when the bear would come out they would not catch my scent. There were several bear in the area but most of them left the corn field on the opposite end of the field. After sitting for about two hours, I had two beautiful boars exit the field and walk within decent photo distance from me. This video is just a small recap from the field, behind the scenes of the photos below.

large black bear
NC Black Bear

Bear activity will be strong for the next several weeks before dying down in early January. I’m hoping to get a few more trips in before then.

Also, I spotted 9 tundra swans flying over head while there. It won’t be long now before thousands of swan and snow geese start arriving for their winter migration. If anyone is interested seeing & photographing this magnificent event go checkout the workshop page, below, for my 1 day workshops along with a unique 3 day wintering waterfowl workshop. I hope to see you there!

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