Wilson's Snipes & Woodcocks

A few weeks back, during our first snowfall of the year, I was lucky enough to photograph on the Pocosin Lakes. My previous journal entry, Snow Bear, was from my second outing. On my first outing I was amazed at all the Wilson's Snipes and Woodcock activity.

With most of the impoundments and ponds frozen, most of the shorebirds moved to areas where the water was still in a liquid state. All that was left, that I was able to find, was two canals inside the refuge that the water was still running. I had an absolute blast watching their behavior as they fed, bobbing their bills in & out of the mud in search earth worms and other small invertebrates. 


These two snipes were very comfortable with me. This one began preening and both rested for a while before returning to foraging for food.


The American Woodcock, a resident of the Carolina's is an illusive bird during the most of the year. Most sightings are during the winter months, like my sightings here. Most of their time is spent hidden, foraging for earth worms in dense woodlands. They are very well camouflaged and when standing in the leaf litter you can barely see them. 


This was one of my favorite days I've ever spent on the refuge. Part 3 will be up soon. All about swan!

Until next time,

Cheers, Neil


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