Scratching Bear

I couple months back while leading a private workshop, we came across this beautiful bear. To say that this bear put on a good show is an understatement. He would stand up and start scratching his back, walk away, then come back and go again. He did this for several minutes. Bear will do this for a few reasons. Number one, just to scratch their back. Secondly, they do this to mark their scent on the tree, leaving it for other bears. Posting on social media if you will. Also it helps get rid of their winter coats in early spring. I've photographed this big male a few times this year, I know it's the same bear due to his left ear.








If your interested in possibly seeing something like this, be sure to check out the link below. I still have room in my Ultimate Black Bear Photography workshop. I also lead private workshops if that better suits your needs.


Until next time, Cheers - Neil

Neil JerniganComment