2018 Ultimate Black Bear Workshop

Its here! The Ultimate Black Bear Photography Workshop.

Summer in eastern North Carolina is a great time of year. Absent of waterfowl, the wildlife refuges are still called home by lots of different species of animals. Song birds, whitetail deer, bobcats and much more can be seen during this time of year. Most of the mammals in the area have had their young, so the chance of seeing baby deer & baby bear are high. The large number of black bear are one of the many reasons that make the Pocosin Lakes & Alligator River National Wildlife Refuges a hot spot for wildlife photographers.

Pocosin Lakes & Alligator River NWR are the top locations for photographing black bear in the state of North Carolina. Feeding on the freshly grown crops and winter wheat, you can see as many as 50 different bear a day. Neil Jernigan has been photographing these bear for over 8 years and is now offering photo tours & workshops. Neil will help you better understand their behavior and will be teaching you everything he knows about photographing these beautiful animals.

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Don't you want to be able to photograph some of the worlds largest black bear?

Here are a few images this past year.