Garden Frogs

Every spring I look forward to the annual congregation of frogs in our garden. When it rains, a lot, a small part of the garden floods creating a temporary vernal pool. Well this brings in all kinds of frogs that begin to call for mates, breed and lay their eggs. The different frog species ranged from green tree frogs, grey tree frogs, spring peepers to toads, spadefoots and southern leopard frogs. Last year I created a short video {click here} showing me photographing them.

This year I decided to create another video, giving you more information on the equipment I used and the cameras settings. I went out each night for three nights searching and photographing. The frogs were very cooperative this year and I believe I got some good images. The video from this year can be found {Here} on my Youtube channel or below.

After first arriving to the garden on the first night, as I was entering the water, my flashlight lit up some eyes at the other end of the pool. At first I thought maybe a frog but after getting closer I realized it was a spider. A female wolf spider had chosen a hollowed out branch as den for her to have her spiderlings.

Wolf spider moms are different from most spiders. She will attach the egg sack to her spinnerets and carry it until the eggs hatch. Then the spiderlings will hop on her back and she take them everywhere with her until they are fully developed. Even when one or two fall off, she will stop to let them back on. What a great mom!

I love Green Tree frogs but I really love photographing Grey Tree frogs. Each night my goal was to find them. I was lucky enough to find two beautiful specimens.

The third and final night I went out I only found two frogs. A leopard frog and this very tiny spring peeper. I heard it calling and after a few minutes I discovered it nestled among some dead leaves on a broken tree branch. I was able to create a photo on the leaves before it hopped to the branch.

I'm so glad it did, these were the last images I created and are probably my favorite from the week. I hope you enjoy the images and if you have few minutes check out the latest video. {Click Here}.

Until next time,

Cheers, Neil.