Pocosin Lakes NWR Prescribed Burn

In 1985 the Allen Road fire spread to 100,000 acres while the 2008 Evans Road wildfire spread to a little more than 40,000 acres. Last Friday, March 24th, the Pungo Unit of the Pocosin Lakes NWR had a prescribed burn on the Hyde Park tract. Prescribed burns are helpful in forest management. By burning tracts of land intentionally it will help prevent larger, natural & non natural wildfires. Once an area has been burned, that area will either not burn as intensely or not burn all together. Fire is a healthy part of forest management and to the wildlife that call the refuge home. Some pine trees rely on the heat from the fire to release their seeds. 

I spent most of the evening watching & photographing the burn. It was an amazing site, seeing all of the fire crews working together. Everyone from the ground crew to the helicopter above. Here are a few images I created.