Red Wolf Sighting

Last Monday, Tim & I spent the day photographing at Pungo. It had been a slow morning so we decided to head towards Lake Mattamuskeet NWR. Just as soon as we arrived, I pointed towards a object in a field and originally thought it was small deer. After a few moments we realized it was no deer. Fox? Coyote?.... Could it be a wolf? We photographed it only for a minute or so before it disappeared into the taller grass. We were very hopeful that is was a wolf but we weren't 100% sure.

After arriving back home I emailed the photograph to a few people that I thought would be able to confirm our sighting. Everyone had the same reaction thinking it was a juvenile red wolf. Tim took a trip to the Museum of Life & Science in Durham on Saturday. He spoke to a specialist with the red wolf program there at the museum & he was very positive in saying that it was a young red wolf. So with that, we are very excited to not only photographing a red wolf in April but photographing a second last week! This gives hope that they are doing good in the wild, notice this one is not collard, which means they are breeding and surviving on their own. This just shows you, don't go home if your having a slow day with photography, you never know what you may see. Also, please visit the Red Wolf Coalitions site and show your support. These animals need us more than ever!

Neil Jernigan5 Comments