Black Bear at Pocosin Lakes... Part 2

Last Monday my little brother & I traveled back to the Pungo Unit of Pocosin Lakes NWR. We had a great trip seeing close to 30 different bear. A goal of mine for the past couple of years was to photograph a bear in a tree. I've seen them in trees before and 90% of the time they were too far for a good photograph. In the previous post (Part 1) I was able to photograph the one eyed bear in a tree but I wasn't excited about that scenario. With wildlife, we are most of the time at the mercy of the animal. On this trip I was able to get one of my favorite images to date, and it happened to be a bear in a tree.

While walking down of the one many roads we discovered a few young bear in a single tree.

It was mostly an overcast day, so when I discovered this very young cub I decided to create a few silhouette shots. I metered the sky behind him and under exposed it by another stop. He was looking down at his mother who was on the ground near the tree. After creating a few silhouettes I metered the tree (shaded area) and photographed him to where we could see detail in his face, images below.

While walking on the same road I happened to look straight up and discovered there was a young bear in the tree directly above us. He had already spotted us and was waiting patiently for us to pass. Before moving on and out from under him, I couldn't help but create this photograph of his piercing stare.

The shot below was my favorite from the day. I believe this image will be hanging in my office soon. After photographing him for a few minutes we headed back towards the truck, we had a very large thunderstorm on the way and we were a good 15 minute walk back to the truck.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment and let me know below. Also, if anyone is interested in witnessing/photographing these beautiful animals leave me a comment or select the contact tab above.