Black Bear at Pocosin Lakes... Part 1

The 4th of July I visited Pocosin Lakes Wildlife refuge. Summer is mating season for black bear in North Carolina, sows can be seen with their new cubs and all bear are in a feeding frenzy with new crops growing in the fields. We discovered this small male just after first light. He spent the morning laying around, scratching and keeping an eye out on us.

The bear below is a huge bear. I decided to call this bear Brutis. I photographed him as he entered and exited a canal and we later caught up with him on one of the many dirt roads that meander the refuge.  When he enters the field you know instantly tell who he is by his size alone. I've photographed Brutis on multiple occasions and I hope to see him again soon.

We discovered this one bear resting in a tree. Upon further investigation I discovered he had only one eye. His right eye appeared to have been damaged and somehow pulled out. Most likely from fighting for another male for breeding rights.

Stay tuned for part two. You will see my best bear images to date.