The Dream...

Do you have one?

I've always dreamed of traveling the world, seeing as many different animals & places possible. Which is one of the many reasons behind me picking up a camera and starting a life with photography. When I was old enough to know where Africa was located on a map I told my mom, "I'll go there before I'm 30". Still working on that (6 more years). I'm not exactly where I wanna be with my work, but it takes time. I think, personally, for only photographing wildlife in just three years I've done a lot. One of the many reasons why I love photography, you'll never stop learning. If your really lucky it can take you are around the world. That's my dream. See the world. Photograph rare endangered place & animals. See it all. Learn as much as I can.

I've been very lucky in my life. I have the best family. They've always supported me in everything I've done. I happen to be married to the best woman in the world. She puts up with me and all my crazy ideas for places to go & things I to try to find to photograph.

I have lots of plans for photographs I wish to capture, places I want to travel and see. Life happens and its hard to stay on the same path you originated on. If you keep the same goal in mind it doesn't really matter what road you take, as long as you get there & enjoy the trip along the way.

When your little people tell you to dream big. Dream for the moon and reach for the stars. The problem is most people dream but don't reach. Well I say, "Why not? Life is too precious & too short!"

So I'm reaching.

Neil JerniganComment