Cold Morning Bear Crossing

While walking down a road at Pungo one morning I found a small black bear. In this particular area this was the only standing corn field. So every evening the bear, deer & waterfowl come to this field to feed. The farmers had cut down an area of the corn each side of the canals, that's how I spotted this bear. Once I believed he was making his way out of the field, I set up and waited for him to come close enough to photograph.

When he got close he caught our wind. He stood up for a couple seconds smelling the air and then moved further down the road so he could cross.


On this morning the temperature was in the low 20's, so all the canals were frozen over & there was a heavy frost. He slowly entered and then jumped to cross quickly.

Here is the sequence of images I photographed once he entered the road.

Neil JerniganComment