Snow Geese

During the winter months North Carolina is visited by hundreds of thousands of waterfowl. Mostly different species of ducks, thousands of swans and thousands of snow geese. I visited Pungo a couple days before Christmas 2015 and was treated a beautiful sight. I weather front was in the forecast for the afternoon and the birds new it. They were in, well, a feeding frenzy. They would feed in the winter wheat part of the field for about an hour, then all take off circle a few times then land in the cut corn fields. After feeding for a while they would repeat the process and head back to the wheat. I watched and photographed them for about 5 hours. It allowed me to create images with my wide angle lens, medium telephoto and super-telephoto lenses. I'm leading a couple workshops later this month and I'm really hoping they put on the same show then as they did for me. They will be hanging around until late January to mid February, if your ever in the area, stop by and check it out. If your interested in attending a workshop, visit the workshop tab above. Happy New Year to everyone!

Cheers, Neil.

Neil Jernigan1 Comment