Western North Carolina Part 3

The final part of our October trip took place at Cataloochee Valley. I've been obsessed with this place since my first trip there in 2009. It's a magical moment to hear the bulls bugle echoing through the mountains. We spent a total of three days in the valley, all together we saw three different dominant bulls. The first two images are of the largest bull and he was only seen our first evening. The rest of the images are of the second largest bull, he was very active and put on a good show for us.

Why rubbing his antlers in the trees he managed to get a small limb stuck on his head. After a few minutes of feeding it fell off, it didn't stop him from chasing his cows.

As the sun began to rise, a small slither of light was funneling through the valley. I imagined an image of the bull walking towards the light, so I sat down and patiently waited. It was long before a cow began to wonder to far from the bull and he headed off to get her. Lucky for me he walked straight into the light and I was able to capture the photograph I had envisioned.

Neil JerniganComment