Sign of Winter

When the tundra swan and other migratory birds begin arriving, you know that winter is very soon. In the last minute I decided to head out to the Pungo Unit, this was my first solo trip there in a few months. I also decided that I wanted to focus solely on the swan. I photograph them every year but I wanted to concentrate on them and see what kinda of images I could create. I arrived at sunrise and photographed them 98% of the day. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, the wind was perfect. Being a waterfowl photographer the wind controls on how and where the birds fly. They always take off and land into the wind and I was able to work the wind and light together to get some pretty decent photos. Love to know your thoughts!

I also discovered a Mute Swan swimming among all the Tundra Swan. Very photogenic and didn't really mind my presence.

After photographing from sunrise to almost sunset I had decided to starting heading in the direction of home. Luckily a few swan feeding in a cut corn field grabbed my attention about the time the sky began to transform! The low angle of the sun and the amazing clouds made for an amazing photo idea. I thought to myself, "If a flock of swan would fly in front of these clouds, how cool would that be?" I switched to a wide angle lens and waited. Only one small flock decided to do as such.

Neil Jernigan1 Comment