Seagull Attack

On a recent trip to Lake Mattamuskeet I photographed something I've never seen before. I witnessed a Great Black Backed Gull kill and eat an American Coot. I've never witnessed a gull kill before, lots of hawks killing other birds but not gulls. They are the largest gull and are opportunistic feeders. Mostly they will eat anything that they can fit in their mouth such as, smaller birds, crustaceans and other small animals. Sad for the coot but a moment I will never forget.

It was a very cloudy & extremely windy day at the lake. Shooting higher ISOs like 2500 and 3200 were the norm. The higher ISO setting such as 2500, allowed me to achieve high enough shutter speeds to freeze the movement. All images were shot at 2500 and the shutter speeds were around 1/160th.

Neil JerniganComment